Happy Mother’s Day Queens!



She loves me first
She loves me always
She loves me unconditionally

She builds me up
She gives her all
She feeds and she teaches me

She holds me tight
She calms my fears
She gives me hope and security

She’s grace under fire
She’s magical
She’s the woman of my dreams

She, she, she, she
She’s my mommy
She’s my queen


Poetry In Motion

This hood…this concrete jungle…
not an easy place to navigate.
It doesn’t nourish and protect you…
it puts the weight of the world on your plate.
The struggle to survive…
the struggle to defy and rise.
Oh yeah, I know your struggle is REAL child…
as real as those familiar tears in your familiar brown eyes!
Tears from loss and pain…tears from neglect…
tears from all the things you want and deserve that remain the things you never get.
But I digress.
We may come up admist something of a dysfunctional mess,
but we still find a reason to laugh and smile…
a reason to feel blessed.
Those urban beauties are mystifying…
something amazing you see…
just like those beautiful roses that you just can’t believe
managed to grow right through all that concrete…


She Was Right

A little while back, I happened upon the comments section of a post in one of my favorite business groups, but instead of feeling enlightened or inspired – per usual – I left the discussion feeling angry. I can’t recall specifically what sparked the debate, but I know there was a mention of the whole Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie singing guy thing. Lol. And somehow, the comments went sort of to the left after that.

I happened upon people venting on this issue of how family and friends will not support them in business, but will support famous people, people they don’t know, etc. Though kinda off topic I thought, this really struck a cord with me. Guess I’m not the only one whose family and “friends” don’t know the meaning of the word SUPPORT…smfh…but I digress. That isn’t the part that actually angered me.

What got me pissed was when some random troll interjected about how those on the post are sitting there begging for their friends and family’s support, meanwhile she’s out here getting money. Really bihh??? That’s your contribution to the discussion? Putting people down for voicing COMPLETELY VALID gripes, boasting about yourself, and being indignant about it? We gotta do better sisSTARS…that DOES NOT encouragement make. Like, at all.

THAT SAID, I did also take a step back, to have an introspective moment with myself, about why that upset me so much. Guess what I discovered? I was mad bc I knew she was right! Forgive me for what I’m about to say, but FCK YO FAMILY! LOL. AND YO “FRIENDS” TOO!

FYI, there are BILLIONS of people in this world…don’t lose sleep over your “gurl” so and so, sister/brother, Aunt whoever, or cousin such and such. FCK THAT! Be about your business, and sell it to the world! Think big, and get this money man! The world is yours! #thatisall

You Are Appreciated

So, yesterday was a big day for us…it was our annual women’s empowerment conference – EMPOWER MAMA. Though this year was far more of a “rush job” than prior years, I was committed to making #EM2016 come to fruition…so, I did. Unfortunately, the decreased preparation and planning time resulted in decreased attendance…pretty much every event hosts nightmare. Smh. BUT (yes, there’s a but…a big but…actually, a couple of big butts! lol) the phenomenal women that showed up in support of me and my mission actually made it come together more magnificently than it ever had before! Imagine that! So yeah, I was initially feeling worrisome and disappointed over how it would “turn out”, but it “turns out” that it “turned out” just the way it was suppose to!

A special, heartfelt thank you goes out to these ladies (and one special lil gentleman):

Monica…Thank you for being my ride or die sisSTAR! You made sure I got there on time (you know we don’t do “on time” very well so, that was MAJOR! lol), you were on your camera woman duties 100%, and just all around so very helpful…my right hand! I appreciate you!

Erica…When I tell you YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB hosting…yesssss hunni! lol. You did that EP…thank you! And I am beyond proud of you and your baby BrooklynWhipps! I took a shower with that exfolliating soap last night and guurrrl! I was in there like YAAASSSSS! lol! You rock sisSTAR!

Dhylles…Your are an AMAZING life coach, and we were beyond lucky to have you as our keynote. I see amazing things ahead for you Queen! You TOTALLY impacted our lives yesterday…how amazing is that?! Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our event!

Lakesha…OMG, I almost cried when you read that excerpt from your book! You are a phenomenal woman, and you have done nothing but inspire and encourage me from the day we met and became fast friends! Love you boo! #MyKesh #ADiamondInTheRough

ShaChena…I respect your business acumen, and appreciate you for being someone that I can call on. You showed up and you held me down…bad foot and all…THANK YOU!

Jackie…my Jackie…you were so “Jackie O is in the building!”lol! And I absolutely loved it! That jacket hunni…yaassss! lol. Seriously though, you have an air of elegance, class, and confidence around you that’s decided and palpable…I dig it! Keep #QUEENIN! Thank you for your support, and invaluable contribution to #EmpowerMama2016!

Ynika…thank you for always being someone I can depend on! You are so giving, and a woman of your word…I will ALWAYS love you for that! (I think Monica jacked me for all the donuts and cookies though so, you gon need to see her about that! lmao) Love you sisSTAR!

Diamond…our lil song bird…with your beautiful voice and smile…thank you for blessing us with a glimpse into the talent that lies within you! I wish you great success baby gurl!

Jah, Joseph, Kayla, and Nani…The youth was in the building! #Ayyeee lol! I love you all! Thank you for being such great assistants and little camera people! lol. Young people like you give me hope for your generation…and pride in mine! #RaisedRight #TheHandThatRocksTheCradleRulesTheWorld


That Is All

I once saw footage of Richard Pryor in Egypt; Someone was filming him admiring the tomb art, and he was funny as usual. But then shit got real.  He started identifying the figures as black “like him”, and they straight turned the camera off…like ASAP. “Wayment…dis ni**a WOKE? Oh hell no!” Lmao. Crazy…

I’ve also seen this topic discussed in other documentaries…the continuous efforts to whitewash Egyptian history…so called “Egyptologists” with one agenda. Smh. But cmon. Who believes this nonsense anymore? I mean, y’all do know Egypt is in Africa right? And uh, surely you’re aware of who was there first. You CAN NOT erase us, so stop trying! We can, however, erase you. Scientific facts. #justsaying Ever heard of a little something called dominant genes? Yeah, we got those. But I digress. Just know, we are the alpha and the omega ppl…the beginning and the end. Game over.


It’s A Royal Affair!

Your Queens, The first children and adult costume entertainment company focused on showcasing the dynamic lineage of ancient African royalty through storytelling, song and dance, would like to invite you to attend their “Royal Anniversary” celebration on Saturday, March 26th, 2016. Here are the deets:


 The Loft Learning Center
 350 Tompkins Ave.
 Brooklyn, NY
 3-8 PM
 Showtime: 4 PM & 6 PM.
 $20 For adults $10 For children
 Be prepared to meet the Royal Family of Ancient African Ancestry and the 
 powerful faces behind this movement. In the highly sought-after neighborhood of 
 Bedford-Stuyvesant; prepare for an enriching anniversary, one that is sure to be
 remembered in time. 
 Crowns Up!