UBMagNew sites…new platforms…new BLOG…new Urban Beauty Magazine!

Welcome to UBMagOnline.com, and thank you for your continued support! Originally created in 2004, the UBMag vision has definitely been revised and expanded over the years. What started out as just an online model portfolio for “Urban Beauties”, has evolved over the years into so much more…fulfilling a far greater purpose than it’s founder –  Ifé Jefferson – could have ever imagined back then!

The most significant changes began in 2009 when we proudly launched our reconceptualized Ezine at that time, followed by a soft launch/preview of the first print edition in March of 2010. Later that year, on October 13th, 2010, the first official print issue debuted to great reviews. It’s been an uphill battle since, with many obstacles slowing progress along the way, but we have not wavered in our commitment to the UBMag mission. Successfully putting 3 anniversary issues into circulation since then, we are proud of what we have accomplished in the face of adversity, and will continue to work diligently toward becoming a consistent monthly publication. Please be patient with us, and continue to support us in this journey! Available in both digital and print formats, right at your fingertips…with an accompanying blog…we invite you in. Browse, read, comment, share…we’re so happy to have you here!

Oh, and FYI – we’re OFFICIAL official! In 2012, Ifé  incorporated the business, and Urban Beauty Enterprises LLC was born. UBE is a multifaceted Women’s Empowerment Organization through which the magazine is published, and this blog is an extension of her mission to connect, dialogue and build with her audience…to be a strong, positive force within the real world of every day women across the globe, and the Urban Beauty/Fashion, and Entertainment world at large. Enjoy the blog, and please support the print mag!


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